Why cheating gelada baboons have quiet sex

Why cheating gelada baboons have quiet sex
"I’ll love ya, baby, but I have 
to be quiet about it."

So here’s a puzzle about baboons: do they cheat?

Gelada baboons, who live together in small groups, follow certain rules. Most male baboons are forbidden from having sex with the females, except for one dominant baboon.

But research has shown that about 17 percent of the offspring are not from that dominant baboon. So what’s going on?

Researchers watched copulating baboons to discover the answer.

The cheating baboons used tactics.

The less-dominant baboons waited until the dominant baboons were far away from the females until they started having sex.

But they also did something else: they kept quiet about it.

Instead of making their usual loud noises during sex, the male baboons were much less likely to vocalize, suggesting that they were actively trying to be sneaky.

Usually animals take advantage of an existing situation (such as the dominant baboon not watching the female) but this behavior shows that they’re actively trying something else.

They’re cheating, and they know it.

– Gelada Baboons Keep Sexual Infidelity Hush-Hush, Live Science>>
– Gelada baboon photo from TrekNature>>

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