Which part of this beggar’s act is a scam?

Which part of this beggar's act is a scam?
Gary Thompson relies on an 
artful mix of truth and fantasy.

Gary Thompson works the streets of Lexington, Kentucky while rolling around in a wheelchair.

Does he need to use a wheelchair? Maybe.

He talks like he has a mental handicap of some kind. Is his speech really as bad as it sounds? No, it’s not. (In fact, he has a degree in speech pathology.)

As part of his story, he tells people he used to be a millionaire. That makes a great story, doesn’t it? He should be able to get some bucks from suckers with that one, right? Except for the strange fact that the "former millionaire" part of his story is true.

The Lexington police department held a press conference about Mr. Thompson, and afterwards a reporter talked with him.

He bragged that he makes between $60,000-$100,000 per year. True? Well, if it is, why is he stupid enough to drop his act and brag about it?

I guess it’s hard to tell which parts of a professional beggar’s story are true, and which parts are not.


Bogus Beggar

Alleged Lexington Scam Artist Caught In The Act By LEX 18 Reporter, Lex18>>

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