We remember the politics we want to remember

We remember the politics we want to remember
Obama shook hands with Iran’s president,
 didn’t he?

A scientific study asked over 5,000 people to remember four political events that had been photographed.

However, one of the events – and the photograph – were completely fake.

About half of the people “remembered” the fake event.

And of that half, almost one third said they actually saw that fake event happen on the news.

Politics had a lot to do with what they remembered.

Liberals said of course they remembered President George W. Bush vacationing with a baseball celebrity while Hurricane Katrina was raging…

Conservatives said they were certain they remembered seeing President Barack Obama shaking hands with Iran’s president…

Another study confirmed it: our memory is biased to “remember” based on what we already believe. We tend to like and recognize what’s familiar.

At least, I think that’s what I remember reading…

False Memories of Fabricated Political Events, Social Sciences Research Network>>

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