The hungry pizza thief who changed his story

The hungry pizza thief who changed his story
He did not lie about wanting food.

It was thirteen minutes after midnight in Helena, Montana.

At a shopping center on Prospect Avenue, near a Safeway grocery store, a CVS pharmacy, two Starbucks (one inside the Safeway store) and the Catholic Social Services of Montana office, there was a Papa John’s pizza place.

A man with a bandana over his face entered Papa John’s. He handed the clerk a note:

"Hay Bro r Sis I Don’t wont eny (expletive) just give me what I want AND you wont Get hert OK! Thank you."

"What is this?" said the clerk.

"Just do it," said the man.

The clerk had to ask another employee to come over and open the cash register. They took out all the money and placed it on the counter.

There was a total of $24.56.

That’s when the thief became emotional. He said he just needed the money to feed his wife and kids.

The employees offered to make the man, who said his name was James, a pizza.

The employees sent him away with a large pepperoni pizza, a basket of hot wings and a large Pepsi.

Eventually, someone, whose name was not James, was heard talking about the robbery he had committed. His name was David Randall Lacey, age 33.

He told police he made up the story about having a wife and kids of his own when he saw how little money there was at the pizza store. He did say that one of his friends does have kids who think of him as an uncle.

Mr. Lacey also said he did need the money to buy food.

He was arrested and sent to jail on a felony robbery charge.

Police say would-be pizza restaurant robber invented sob story about kids, Independent Record>>

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