The fake alien UFO video

The fake alien UFO video
It was unbelievable.

From the description on YouTube:

"Shot October 2012 while driving through Santa Clarita. There were two crafts. After sighting the first I stopped the car and ran into a field for a better look. What happened next was unbelievable."

Watch the 39-second video:

UFO Over Santa Clarita

Of course, the encounter with the UFOs was fake (which I hope everyone realized), but there were two more deceptions in this video.

It was not an amateur CGI effort. The short clip was created by Aristomenis "Meni" Tsirbas, who directed the computer-animated film "Battle for Terra" and has worked on special effects for other film and television projects.

Also, it’s not just the alien ships that were created with computer graphics – everything in the clip was created with computer graphics. Mr. Tsirbas wanted to show what’s possible when making CGI look realistic:

"First and foremost, the digital models needed to be very well built. The
trick is to not just construct enough detail, but to build in the
subtle imperfections and ‘softness’ found in reality. So corners weren’t
perfectly sharp, and seams had varying width."

Often CGI is too perfectly and uniformly exposed, when reality has things blowing out or falling into darkness all over the place… The car interior was a beautiful model, but I deliberately crunched down that element in the composite until it was almost entirely black, because a real camera would do the same if exposing for the sky."

Damn. Does this mean that future UFO videos might be faked?

The fake alien UFO video
Everything was faked.

The UFO Is Fake in Animator’s YouTube Prank But So Is Everything Else, Wired>>

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