Sweet deal on nice car goes very very bad

Sweet deal on nice car goes very very bad
1994 Chrysler Fifth Avenue for sale.
Driver’s side window now needs repair.

For a month, a woman had been wanting to buy an 83-yearold man’s old car. Finally, she told him, she had a source for the money, but first she wanted to take the car for a test drive.

She thought it was a great deal: A 1994 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, with only 64,000 miles on it, that had belonged to the man’s mother.

They both got in the car, and the woman said she liked it and wanted to buy it, so he drove her to the Bank of America to get some money.

She quickly returned with $2,200, enough cash to buy the car.

On the way home, they heard sirens.

When the man pulled into his driveway ten minutes later, six police officers swarmed the car and drew their guns.

The woman told him to stay in the car because she had a gun, but with his hands already out of the partially opened door, he made the decision to get out.

He was led away by police.

The woman jumped into the driver’s seat and backed up the car, but an officer smashed the window and shot her in the breast with a taser.

The woman, Gail Renee Castle, told officers, among other things: "I’m a gypsy and I can read your mind by looking into your eyes,"

She was arrested for bank robbery, elder abuse and resisting arrest.

Buying a car? Rob a bank. Suspect robbed BofA to buy car she had waiting outside, Manteca Bulletin>>

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