Mother tries Houdini ploy with jailed son

Mother tries Houdini ploy with jailed son
They weren’t Houdini and wife.

I don’t know if they knew the story about Houdini.

It’s been said that after the great escape artist Harry Houdini had been been strip-searched and was about to be locked in a jail cell, he and his wife Bess shared a passionate kiss. That’s when Bess transferred a hidden key from her mouth to his, helping to enable his escape.

Kimberly Margeson was caught doing something similar, except she’s accused of transferring two Oxycodone painkillers from her mouth to the mouth of her son, William Partridge, during her visit to him in jail.

Unlike Houdini and his wife, she was caught and charged with a felony drug charge and introducing prison contraband.

Ewww! Mom busted passing convict son drugs during icky French Kiss: cops, New York Daily News>>

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