Montana zombie alert interrupts teen cheaters

Montana zombie alert interrupts teen cheaters
Official Montana zombie hunting permit

A special message was heard when Montana television station KRTV played an emergency broadcast warning during a daytime TV show about teenage cheaters:

TV Station’s Emergency Alert System

The zombie pranksters did hoodwink at least four people. From The Great Falls Tribune:

Lt. Shane Sorensen with the GFPD said he’s not sure yet what sort of
penalties a person faces, if any, in Montana for hacking into an
emergency alert system. But he said the police department did receive
phone calls from people who were concerned after they saw the message.

had four calls checking to see if it was true. And then I thought,
‘Wait. What if?’" Sorensen said with a laugh. "We can report in the
city, there have been no sightings of dead bodies rising from the

‘Dead bodies’ emergency alert a hoax, Great Falls Tribune>> 
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