Is this offensive Christian rap video a hoax?

Is this offensive Christian rap video a hoax?
Pastor Jim Colerick raps: "Jesus Christ is my n—-"

A video was posted on YouTube by a man who said he helped his pastor make it for their church, the West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa.

Is it real, or is it a hoax? Is it a parody of clueless white people trying to be hip doing Christian outreach, or is it actual clueless white people?

You decide. And yes, due to use of the N word and bad rapping by old people, this video is NSFW.

Rappin’ for Jesus

Iowa Church’s YouTube Hit ‘Rappin’ for Jesus’ Video a Hoax? The Christian Post>>

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3 thoughts on “Is this offensive Christian rap video a hoax?

  1. Not to be antichristian but I hope that morons church burns done. Not that I’d want anyone in the church but I hope his musical equipment is in there. Not just bad but just plain stupid.

  2. If this is real and it is indeed a Church Of Christ, there is no musical equipment in there. Churches of Christ don’t believe in instruments in the church.

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