How to steal from your local Walmart store

How to steal from your local Walmart store
Just grab it and go

A couple in Longmont, Colorado are accused of shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from local Walmart stores.

The shoplifting method they used wasn’t sophisticated.

Ricky Woodall and Christina Rogers-Woodall would place the items they wanted into their shopping baskets – sometimes also putting the items into bags – and simply walk out of the store.

Police said they stole "Wii games, controllers, DVDs, children’s toys and household goods."

The couple’s children, who are 9, 12 and 17 years old, would help.

Said Officer Dan Kilian of the Longmont Gang Crime and Suppression Unit:

"They are really bold and brazen."

Police searched and recovered the stolen items, including a Razor scooter that had been given to one of the kids for Christmas. As it was being confiscated, the child told the officer that Santa gave it to him.

Longmont couple suspected of felony-level theft from Walmart stores, Daily Camera>>

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