Fake drugs are leading to a rise in tuberculosis

Fake drugs are leading to a rise in tuberculosis
Some patients have become resistant to all treatment.

Because of counterfeit drugs, tuberculosis has been rising in developing countries:

Tuberculosis, a disease that destroys lung tissue, is more commonly associated with the Victorian era than with the modern age. Today, TB can be cured with several heavy rounds of antibiotics, but the emergence of drug-resistant strains of the disease in India and other countries around the world have raised alarm among health workers.

One culprit in the rise of untreatable TB is counterfeit drugs, which can undermine treatment efforts by packing insufficient active ingredients to fully kill off bacteria, breeding new, stronger super-strains of the disease..

And it’s not just the problem of fakes:

But simply stopping the flood of fake drugs into each country won’t entirely fix the problem… because there’s a difference between drugs that are designed to deceive patients and those that are simply poorly made or stored. Creating a so-called falsified medicine, which has little or no active ingredient, can be considered a criminal act. But then there are the drug companies that make mistakes, pills that are stored improperly, mislabeled bottles or sloppy compounding, among other potential errors.

How fake drugs cause the spread of untreatable TB in developing countries. The Washington Post>>

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