Daniel Radcliffe’s cunning ruse annoyed paparazzi

Daniel Radcliffe's cunning ruse annoyed paparazzi
It involved this magic hat.

In 2007, while actor Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame was in London appearing in the stage play "Equus", he came up with a sly trick to frustrate the hoards of paparazzi waiting to take his photo after the show. He explained his plan to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show":

"I would wear the same outfit every single time with different T-shirts underneath but I would wear the same jacket and zip it up so they couldn’t see what I was wearing underneath, and the same hat. So they could take photos for six months but it would look like the same day. They became un-publishable, which was hilarious because there’s nothing better than seeing the paparazzi get really frustrated."

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  1. Oops. My original post said he appeared in 1997, which would have made Radcliffe 8 years old. If you know the play Equus, that is wrong on many levels.

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