Why Mr. Dobson doesn’t have your lost cell phone

Why Mr. Dobson doesn't have your lost cell phone
He had to put up a sign which said:
"No Lost cell phones!!
This location gives a false "phone locator" position due 
to a cell tower behind this home. Please contact the 
North Las Vegas police and file a report."

Here’s a case where technology is the liar. From an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Wayne Dobson doesn’t have your cellphone.

Even if it looks like he might.

In the past two years the 59-year-old retiree has been pestered by people showing up at all hours of the day and night at his house, demanding their phones. They’ve yelled, shown him evidence, called the police – sworn that their phone is in his house.

But he’s no thief.

"It’s very difficult to say, ‘I don’t have your phone,’ in any other way other than, ‘I don’t have your phone,’ " Dobson said.

What has become a powerful tool for police hunting down bad guys and people who lose their phones or who call 911 has backfired on Dobson. An unexplained glitch with at least one cellphone company is directing people with missing phones to his North Las Vegas home.

And the glitch is also affecting police, who have twice been wrongly directed to his house on domestic violence calls. That has forced Dobson to post a sign on the front of his house telling people he doesn’t have their phone.

Read the article: If you lose your cellphone, don’t blame Wayne Dobson, Las Vegas Review Journal>>

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