This oil I see, it flows the wrong way

This oil I see, it flows the wrong way
The illusion of oil flowing upwards

An artwork by Matt Kenyon called Supermajor uses an optical illusion to examine our faith that our supply of oil will never end.

Listen to the spectators watching the illusion as they try to figure out how it works.

Click HERE if Vimeo video below isn’t appearing.


Supermajor from matt kenyon on Vimeo.

What’s the secret to the illusion? Mr. Kenyon explains:

"…lighting plays a vital role in the functioning of SUPERMAJOR. The visual effect is similar to the way a zoetrope functions only it uses droplets of motor oil instead of a sequence of quickly moving images."

Think of a very fast strobe light. Maybe this will help:

Cool Sound and Water Experiment!

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