Thief caught by an innovative burglar alarm

Thief caught by an innovative burglar alarm
“I didn’t think he’d have 
aerial surveillance!”

David Zehntner was flying his Cesna 182 aircraft over his home in LaBelle, Florida when he noticed something a little bit odd.

There was an unfamiliar truck in his driveway.

Mr. Zehntner circled around his home for ten minutes, watching an unfamiliar man walk around his home. The man looked up a few times but didn’t seem too concerned with the plane.

At first the man tried to break into his house. Then he attached Mr. Zehntner’s red trailer to his truck and drove away.

Mr. Zehntner called the police as he followed his property with his plane.

The thief, Gary Robert Haines, was stopped about 40 miles from the scene of his crime and charged with grand theft.

Florida pilot spots theft at his home from his airplane, NBC News>>

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