Play the corporate fraudster language game!

Play the corporate fraudster language game!
Play the game in real life,
go to jail for real.

The FBI and Ernst & Young have created software using their experience with real fraud investigations. The software scours email conversations to glean 3,000 specific words and phrases that are likely to mean corporate fraud is afoot.

Here’s an imaginary conversation that contains the top ten words and phrases. Can you spot all ten?

Bernie: Don’t worry. Nobody will find out.

Allen: But it’s considered not ethical by legal?

Bernie: It’s a grey area. Not even technically illegal. Company can just write off the whole thing off as a failed investment, anyway.

Allen: So you’re saying the funding we use – it’s off the books? Nobody will investigate?

Bernie: What we do is wait them out. Sit tight and if they ask you, don’t volunteer information. It’s not a cover up if there’s nothing to cover up. Besides, you know they owe it to me.

So, could you identify all ten?


Cover up, write off, illegal, failed investment, nobody will find out, grey area, they owe it to me, do not volunteer information, not ethical, off the books.

More: Top email terms used by corporate fraudsters published by FBI
‘Cover up’ tops list while ‘nobody will find out’ and ‘grey area’ also in top 10, Computerworld UK>>
– Via: Phrases used by corporate fraudsters, Boing Boing>>

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