Japanese magician has something up his sleeve

Japanese magician has something up his sleeve
This magician is about to fight a 
sword-wielding warrior and a nasty 
green demon using something up his sleeve.

A woodblock print from 1866 by artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi shows the magician Sangoku Taro, "who traveled through India and China learning conjuring tricks." I presume his conjuring tricks are more advanced than merely pulling scarves from his sleeves.

Japanese magician has something up his sleeve
The complete image of 
the impending battle.
(Click to enlarge)

This image is from an amazing database called the Japanese Woodblock Print Search, Ukiyo-e>>

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6 thoughts on “Japanese magician has something up his sleeve

  1. This image is filled with anticipation. I wonder what the magician had up his sleeve that could defeat a sword-wielding warrior.

  2. Sleeves hide so many secrets for magicians in days gone by… maybe there’s an extending sword?? A modern day magician in London would never stoop to such obvious trickery… how times have changed!

  3. I spent 2 years in Japan in Fukuoka performing as magician so know that Japan is steeped in history making this a really interesting article….. Not much is written about Japanese magic but it they have produced some greats such as Cyril and Akira Fujji

  4. Having performed and seen performances in Asia, you can definitely see influences from their history in their magic.

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