Is magic a form of pornography?

Is magic a form of pornography?
"When you look at it honestly, I think most magic 
isn’t an art. At best, it’s pornography…" 
– Magician Brad Henderson

Scores of professional magicians answer a simple question posed by this short video:  "Is magic an art?" But just as in all things aesthetic, there are as many different answers as there are practioners.

I agree with Mr. Henderson’s provocative statement that magic is like pornography. The techniques of magic are so powerful that magicians can perform a trick without any "art" and still get a huge reaction from an audience, just as pornography can get a visceral reaction without aspiring to be "art".

This is a trap for many magicians, who remain content with the "Oh my God how did you do that?" component of a trick, and neglect to develop their craft further to create a work of art.

Is magic an art?

The video was produced by magicians Dan and Dave Buck, Jason England and Paul Wilson.

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2 thoughts on “Is magic a form of pornography?

  1. No, magic is not a form of pornography. Pornography is meant to sexually excite the audience by showing people copulating. Magic isn’t. Case closed.

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