How not to steal 20 kilos of heroin

How not to steal 20 kilos of heroin
The thieves planned to fool the 
smugglers by dressing up like the police.

A guy told Javion Camacho that a shipment of heroin was going to arrive in New York City, and Mr. Camacho decided he was going to steal it.

He had a crew lined up, and they were ready. They were going to dress up as the police and pretend to bust the smugglers, then steal their 20 kilograms of heroin.

Based on his conversations with his friend, who knew the drug smuggler’s secret, Mr. Camacho knew that the smugglers would have that much heroin and where it would be.

So on a Wednesday night in the second week of January 2013, Mr. Camacho and his crew, including his brother and fourteen other men, all got together in the Bronx. They traveled in five different vehicles to the place where Mr. Camacho’s friend said they could rip off the smugglers.

Their vehicles were well-equipped for the mission.

Two vehicles had secret compartments or "traps" where they could hide the drugs.

One vehicle had a device that the driver could use to cover the license plate with a steel plate so it couldn’t be identified.

The men were not extremely well-armed, but they did carry six firearms.

They were dressed as police. They wore shirts emblazoned with the word "Police", as well as tactical vests.

They also had more accouterments to aid in their deception: real handcuffs and temporary "zip-tie" plastic handcuffs, bolt-cutters, a fake police badge, a hydraulic ram and a "rabbit pump" – both tools used to to break down doors, a police scanner, GPS units, walkie-talkies, a crowbar, ski masks and a baseball bat.

Unfortunately for them, the only thing they didn’t have was accurate information.

That’s because Mr. Camacho’s friend, the one who told him where the heroin was going to be, was actually a confidential informant.

We can presume that when they arrived at their destination, the gang of fake police were met with a more powerful contingent of real police.

All the men were arrested.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against 16 Alleged Members Of Bronx Armed Robbery Crew That Impersonated Police Officers, United States Department of Justice>> 

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