How can I make magic rituals more effective?

How can I make magic rituals more effective?
Even within supernatural
beliefs, there’s a logical system.

From a Brazilian simpatias ritual used to cure sadness:

In a metal container, put the leaves of a white rose. After that, set fire to the leaves. Get the remaining ash from the leaves and put it in a small plastic bag. Take the small plastic bag and leave it at a crossroad. Repeat the procedure for seven days in a row.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin did a study on ritual beliefs:

To find out how people rate the effectiveness of magical rituals, Legare and graduate student Andre Souza conducted a study in Brazil, a country suffused with rituals called simpatias. Used for solving problems as varied as quitting smoking, curing asthma and warding off bad luck, simpatias are formulaic rituals that involve various steps and

The psychologists presented 162 Brazilian respondents several versions of these rituals. Each was modified with different characteristics, such as repetition of procedures, number of steps, number of items used, and the presence of religious icons.

They also conducted the study in the United States with people who didn’t believe in simpatias.

They discovered that participants in both cultures thought the rituals were likely to be more effective if they had these elements: a number of steps, procedures that were repeated, and a specified time.

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