Child pornography and “flesh meshing”

Child pornography and "flesh meshing"
I think that Mr. Hendricks 
might be the very definition 
of middle school "creepy".

I heard about the term "flesh meshing" after reading a story about Richard D. Hendricks, a 32-year-old guy who was secretly taking inappropriate photographs of students at a middle school where he was a technology teacher and yearbook advisor.

A child pornography investigation discovered he was viewing live sex shows involving children and adults in the Philippines, so authorities seized his computer. Besides a collection of images and movies he had collected, they also found his own hidden camera pictures, where he would place a camera under a table and capture images up the skirts of girls in his classroom.

And evidently, to make his photos more sexual, he tried to enhance them using a Photoshop technique that acted as an X-ray filter that would allow him to see through girl’s clothing.

Child pornography and "flesh meshing"
"How to Use Flesh-mesh X-ray in Photoshop".
I obscured the person’s face.
Click to enlarge.

I doubt that this technique works as described to see through clothing, but it probably did not help Mr. Hendrick’s defense.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Former Middle School Teacher Sentenced To 10 Years In Child Porn Case, Hartford Courant>>

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