Can you cheat a Las Vegas casino?

Can you cheat a Las Vegas casino?
It depends on who has the best information.

A Verge article explores the world of cheating and the countermeasures taken by Las Vegas casinos:

With over a thousand cameras operating 24/7, the monitoring room creates tremendous amounts of data every day, most of which goes unseen. Six technicians watch about 40 monitors, but all the feeds are saved for later analysis. One day, as with OCR scanning, it might be possible to search all that data for suspicious activity. Say, a baccarat player who leaves his seat, disappears for a few minutes, and is replaced with another player who hits an impressive winning streak. An alert human might spot the collusion, but even better, video analytics might flag the scene for further review. The valuable trend in surveillance, Whiting says, is toward this data-driven analysis (even when much of the job still involves old-fashioned gumshoe work). "It’s the data," he says, "And cameras now are data. So it’s all data. It’s just learning to understand that data is important."

Ultimately, catching cheaters is a small part of what casino surveillance teams do. There simply aren’t that many cheats out there, compared to the number of purse-snatchers and pickpockets, the ordinary criminals that people like Ted Whiting deal with almost every day. When it comes to cheating, Whiting says, "We’re never going to be ahead. Remember that people who get paid to catch the bad guys get paid whether they catch them or not. The cheats don’t get paid unless they figure it out. So they’re motivated, and they’ve succeeded. But once they do, we go full in."

Yet all the surveillance technology still benefits from the human element. Ted Whiting, director of surveillance at the Aria casino, says this about spotting cheaters:

"Believe it or not, when you’ve done this long enough, you can tell when somebody’s up to no good. It just doesn’t feel right."

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