A dancer’s not-so-secret life as a prostitute

A dancer's not-so-secret life as a prostitute
Alexis Wright: Zumba dance studio owner, 
lover of sex, and possible extortionist.

What I find interesting is that she seems to have done very little to keep her two lives separate.

From Vanity Fair magazine:

"Many in the picturesque Maine town of Kennebunka short trip from the Bush-family compoundknew that the sweet, friendly Zumba teacher was leading a double life. But then police charged that Alexis Wright’s prostitution sideline included sharing videotapes of her client sessions with her married lover, a part-time P.I. As Kennebunk speculates feverishly and officials release the names of more than 60 suspected clients involved, Bethany McLean gauges the damage done."

Read more: Town of Whispers. The Double Life of Zumba Instructor Alexis Wright, and the Prostitution Scandal That Tore Apart Kennebunk, Maine. Vanity Fair>>

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One thought on “A dancer’s not-so-secret life as a prostitute

  1. What a beautiful woman! And such a giving person as well.
    She shared her fabulous body and skills she learned as a dancer with so many lucky men.

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