Why old people are easier to scam

Why old people are easier to scam
"I don’t know… 
he seems like a nice boy."

Older people may have lost their "gut feeling".

Researchers at the University of California have discovered that older people have a harder time judging whether someone has a trustworthy face.

Brain imaging found that when looking at untrustworthy faces, most of the older adults in their study had less activity in the anterior insula part of their brains, the part that should have screamed out a warning: "Don’t trust that face!"

Researchers don’t know whether the misplaced trust is due to the brain getting old, or if older people just don’t look as hard for dishonesty.

– Older people are more susceptible to swindlers. Brain scans reveal the elderly are worse than younger adults at picking out untrustworthy faces. Nature>>
– Serial killer mask from The Viking Store>

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