There was an old woman who won a big prize…

There was an old woman who won a big prize...
I think I know why she won a big prize…

Last year, someone wrote to me and asked what he could to do to convince someone that they were being scammed. This person didn’t believe him, and he wanted to know what he could say to make her believe him.
I didn’t have an easy answer, and here’s why:

In Green Valley, Arizona, an old woman went to her bank and tried to withdraw $17,000. She said she needed it as a down payment on winning the lottery.

A bank manager was suspicious. She talked to the old woman and didn’t want her to withdraw the money. After the woman left, the manager called the police and asked if they could talk to her.

A police deputy and a volunteer went to her home and spoke with her. The volunteer knew the old woman since she had talked her out of a previous scam.

The old woman said she had won $5.5 million and a new Mercedes in a lottery. She spoke to a Mr. Jones on the phone, who said she just needed to pay a fee of $17,000 to collect her prizes. Mr. Jones said she shouldn’t tell anybody else about her good fortune. He said he’d be by in a few days to give her a check.

While the deputy was talking to the woman, the phone rang. It was Mr. Jones. He said he couldn’t talk to her while the police were there.

The old woman argued with the deputy and the volunteer. The old woman said she knew this lottery was not a scam.

The deputy gave her his number and told her to call him when she knew Mr. Jones would be visiting.

Some days later, a police detective stopped by her home to convince her that this lottery was a scam and that she was going to be the victim of a con game.

The old woman got mad. She said it wasn’t a scam. She didn’t want all you people coming by her house and harassing her. She thought she might need an attorney to stop all the harassment from all you people bothering her about all the money she was going to win.

She told the detective to leave.

As he was leaving, she asked him if he wanted her to call him after her new car and prize money arrived…

Deputies told to butt out by angry scam victim, Arizona Daily Star>>

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One thought on “There was an old woman who won a big prize…

  1. Why didn’t you finish the story. Did she get the car and money? Sure sounded like a good way of losing 17K to me! I was recently asked by a banker in South Africa (?) to help him get 6.7 million from the account of a dead client. He would give me half. All he needed was my bank account details and password, Sure was a tempting offer (not).

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