The “I am the artist” art hoax

The "I am the artist" art hoax
He pranked art patrons as the artist’s double.

Artist Bert Rodriquez gets the writer to play Bert Rodriquez:

Over lunch, Bert explained himself in as few words as possible. He was an artist whose work was primarily focused on performance. He told me about a few past projects: "I married a total stranger." "I painted myself silver like Kim Kardashian." "I cooked food with my mom in a museum." When I posed the obvious questions, Bert was ever laconic, shrugging off my queries with casual statements like, "I just did it to do it," and, "Art doesn’t have to be about anything." He was either a genius or a moron.

We ate and briefly went over the plan. He had made a sculpture that was residing on a cruise ship. The ship and sculpture were both named Reflection and, keeping with the nominal theme, he wanted two of him there to present his work at an event that would kick off Art Basel. "You’d just have to tell people you’re me at a party. The whole thing will take two hours, and I’ll fly you to Miami and put you up." A game-show audience echoed in my brain: "Take the trip to Miami!!!"

The next day he called me to say I got the gig.

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