The babysitter who cost more than $85,000

The babysitter who cost more than $85,000
It seems this babysitter had 
an alternative business plan.

Here’s a case where some people were not very aware of their finances.

Twenty-two-year-old Ashley Rose took care of two young kids for a couple in New Haven, Connecticut. The couple paid her in checks, and didn’t notice anything was wrong until they were preparing their tax returns and discovered that many other checks were missing from their checkbook.

Ms. Rose had decided she needed to be paid more than average babysitter wages, and so she stole some checks – over 250 of them in one year – and forged the parent’s signatures. She deposited the checks into her bank and withdrew the cash from an ATM.

When authorities caught Ms. Rose and told her that she was suspected of stealing $85,000, she said:

"It’s not that much."

I’m not sure if her remark meant she was unaware of how much she had stolen, or if $85,000 is not that much to her.

It’s also hard to imagine that the parents could have been unaware of an $85,000 loss until tax time rolled around.

Ms. Rose was charged with bank fraud.

Babysitter Accused of Stealing $80,000. NBC Connecticut>>

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