Something was “not quite right” with her

Something was "not quite right" with her
Stacey Simpson is a 
very troubled 25-year-old.

Stacey Simpson is 25 years old. She lived with her boyfriend in West Yorkshire, Britain. She had a job with Emirates Airline, which meant she was away from home for days at a time.

Her boyfriend, a fireman, had given her money to pay the mortgages on two properties he owned. She didn’t pay the mortgages. Instead, she spent the money, and then rented out one of the apartments to an international student named Abdullah Anthani. When Mr. Anthani returned from a holiday, he discovered the locks had been changed.

Somehow, Ms. Simpson convinced him to pay £1000 more, but when he was still unable to enter his apartment and Ms. Simpson told him she was out of the country because of her job, he contacted police.

That’s when her lies began to unravel.

Authorities discovered that she had also submitted false claims for various government benefits totalling £6,000.

She also didn’t work for – or travel with – Emirates Airline.

She also had more than one boyfriend. In the times that she was not at her live-in boyfriend’s house, she was staying with two other men. All three men lived within miles of each other.

Since she didn’t pay the mortgages, her first boyfriend had two of his properties repossessed.

And she stole Mr. Anthani’s money.

Ms. Simpson was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail for her frauds.

There is no word on the reaction from her three boyfriends.

Said a former neighbor:

"As a person, she was very convincing and plausible, but you could tell there was something not quite right."

Unemployed woman, 25, conned three men out of thousands by dating them simultaneously while pretending to be an air hostess, Mail Online>>

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