Pranksters profiled on “Antics Roadshow”

Pranksters profiled on "Antics Roadshow"
Winston Churchill gets a Mohawk, and more.

Antics Roadshow, a documentary by Banksy and Jaimie D’Cruz, examines some modern-day public pranksters / tricksters / culture jammers / funny anarchists. Some of the acts caused by these jesters are provocative and political, others are accidental, and some just want to mess with the system and make us laugh.

I’ve posted about many of these pranks, while some are new to me. Included are the hijinks of Remi Gaillard, Russian group Voina, Joey Skaggs, Improv Everywhere, The Yes Men, Noel Godin and others.

The Antics Roadshow

BANKSY presents The Antics Roadshow‬ from John Paul on Vimeo.

If the above isn’t working, you should be able to view the entire documentary on Hulu, Netflix streaming, or Channel 4 (if you’re in the UK)

– Antics Roadshow, Hulu>>
– Antics Roadshow, Channel 4>>

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