Know your Bat Boy!

Know your Bat Boy!
One of these is the Real Bat Boy,
and the other is… an imposter!

I love this article in the Mar 5, 2002 issue of the Weekly World News, a tabloid magazine, no longer printed, that published weird fictional stories as if they were true. In an issue from 1992, they first spoke of Bat Boy, a strange half boy / half bat creature the newspaper invented and wrote about for years. (In fact, he was so popular he spawned an actual musical, called, predictable enough, Bat Boy, The Musical.)

In this article, they talk about someone having the audacity to impersonate Bat Boy:

Angry law-enforcement officials are warning the public not to be fooled by a cunning Bat Boy imposter — a 3-foot-tall former circus midget who has already hoodwinked at least 46 people coast to coast!

I love the idea of a tabloid reporting a fake story about a fake midget character impersonating a fake Bat Boy character.

I’m sure glad the real news media never resorts to this kind of chicanery…

Know your Bat Boy!
Do not confuse this with actual journalism.
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