How hard is it to be a Powerball ticket winner?

How hard is it to be a Powerball ticket winner?
They show the winning ticket.

Two guys in Indiana, Frankie Frye and Louie Campbell, bought a lottery ticket, and like most people who bought lottery tickets, did not win a million dollars.

But they thought, why not?

So with a little photoshopping and a little lying, they did.

Mr. Campbell posted he had "some freaking amazing news" on his Facebook page.

Then he posted a photo of he and his friend holding the fake ticket.

Immediately everyone started congratulating them, and they started getting compliments from "strange women" they didn’t know.

What everyone seemed to miss in the excitement was that their forgery wasn’t even that great.

Although they claimed they bought the ticket in Indiana, the fake ticket in the photo was actually photoshopped from a ticket bought in Illinois.

The excitment didn’t stop until they confessed the next day.

As Mr. Frye said:

"Everybody wants a piece of a million dollars."

Pair calls fake Powerball ticket ‘best prank ever’ WAFB>>

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