How a “guru” stole $6.6 million from one family

How a "guru" stole $6.6 million from one family
He was described as "a rare mix
of Rasputin and Machiavelli."

Thierry Tilly brainwashed 11 members of an aristocratic family in France into giving him all of their wealth, worth about $6.6 million, by convincing them that he was a secret agent protecting them from a conspiracy of Freemasons, pedophiles and Jews.

Said lawyer Daniel Picotin:

"Tilly touched their subconscious and drove the entire Vedrines family to the threshold of insanity… He is to mental manipulation what Leonardo da Vinci was to painting. Like Leonardo, he constructed a huge painting and could cue in different elements at his leisure."

Sex, psychological torture, rich people, castles… this story is so odd, and so many details unanswered, I wonder how long before it becomes a book, and then a movie?

Read more: ‘For us, it was a guru accident’.  Described as the Leonardo da Vinci of mental manipulation, "guru" Thierry Tilly duped a reclusive French family out of more than $6 million, including their chateau. The Sydney Morning Herald>>

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