Garlic fraud foiled by a cold fridge

Garlic fraud foiled by a cold fridge
For tax purposes, it is best not to confuse
ginger (on left) with garlic (not on left).

To protect farmers who grow garlic in the European Union, imported garlic is subject to an additional tax.

One importer didn’t want to pay that tax.

Wholesale importer Murugasan Natarajan dodged taxes by claiming that his loads of Chinese garlic were actually ginger, which is not charged a duty tax.

When authorities checked shipping records, they discovered something odd: garlic imports had stopped, but ginger imports had increased five times.

And although the refrigerated shipping containers were too cold for ginger, they were just right for garlic.

A custom official said:

"Over 100 containers were identified where there were strong grounds to believe that the contents had either been understated or wrongly described."

Although Mr. Natarajan was convicted of avoiding £2 million in taxes (almost $2.6 million in U.S. dollars), he fled after posting bond and disappeared.

This is my second post on the deceptions of garlic. Also see Why the smugglers could not disguise their loot, Deceptology>>

Garlic smuggler flees conviction for £2m ginger fraud, BBC Business News>>

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One thought on “Garlic fraud foiled by a cold fridge

  1. About £150,000 in cash was seized by customs officers at Natarajan’s property.
    What a joke. Where`s rest of money?

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