Doug Henning’s World of Magic gazebo illusion

Doug Henning's World of Magic gazebo illusion
"Just as magical things can happen during 
a dark night, there are an equal number of wonders 
that appear when the sun comes out."

Magician Doug Henning’s open and sunny style revitalized the art of magic when he first appeared on TV in the 1970s. 

This illusion was the last trick performed on his sixth magic special on NBC television in 1980. The method for the illusion was invented in the 1920s, but Doug Henning updated it with lots of touches that made it so deceptive that some magicians were fooled.

Guests on the show included singer Marie Osmond, the mime team Shields and Yarnell and child actor Ricky Schroder.

Doug Henning’s gazebo illusion

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