Do they ever catch Nigerian con men?

Do they ever catch Nigerian con men?
Well, they did catch
Patrick Bamboi Emuh.

Mr. Emuh, a very persuasive man from the UK, who may or not be Nigerian, called and emailed people all over the world, saying they had won a lottery or inherited money from a relative.

He told his victims that before they could claim the money, they had to pay advance fees, taxes and handling charges. A "lawyer" might contact the lucky winners to help them get their money, or they might be asked to travel to the UK to work with various "businessmen".

Mr. Emuh earned over £788,297 (1.2 million U.S. dollars) with his business.

His mistake was getting caught carrying £10,000, which led police to check his bank account, which contained a huge amount of money that he said was from, um, a Nigerian oil business?

Said investigator Doug Ferns:

"Emuh tricked people into believing they had struck it lucky and when he was caught out he had the audacity to claim that the victims were in fact business customers. A thorough investigation of his bank accounts, mobile phones and computer combined with the many witness statements allowed us to see right through his story."

Mr. Emuh was convicted of 19 counts of acquiring criminal property.

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