A gay man explains why we shouldn’t lie

A gay man explains why we shouldn't lie
Dan Pallotta says: "Your ability to stand up 
for your truth is a muscle, and the more 
you exercise it the stronger it gets."

Dan Pallotta says we should never lie about who we are, and explains how this relates to business.

People have the misconception that a gay person comes out once. It’s not true. If you’re gay and you’re authentic, you’re coming out constantly. You’re on a business trip, for example. A cab driver asks if you have kids, and you say that you do. Then he asks about your wife. Even though you may be exhausted, you find yourself summoning the energy to have a transformative conversation with a total stranger on whom you are depending to get to the airport and whose reaction you have no way of predicting. It takes a few tablespoons of courage. Every time. But you do it. Because it’s who you are, and you’ve learned long ago not to deny who you are or who your partner is. Because to deny who you are is a betrayal of yourself and the man you love and the children you have together. So you never, ever skirt the issue, no matter how tired or busy you are. You become a Jedi with your truth. Not just the truth, but your truth.

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– Dan Pallotta is "an expert in nonprofit sector innovation and a pioneering social entrepreneur." >>

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