The feud between Frisbee and Tuffy the elves

The feud between Frisbee and Tuffy the elves
Dad invented a magical hoax.

Brad Perrigo liked to prank his kids:

"When my kids were little, we had a little elf they named Frisbee that we would move around the house at Christmastime and I would make up stories about him. As they got older, I needed to spice it up because they were getting bored, so I saw an oversized stuffed elf on a trip to the mountains with my fiancee and it sparked an idea."

Mr. Perrigo started having the big elf mess around with the small elf. He named the older elf Tuffy McNasty. One day when his kids came home from school, they found the house in chaos and a note from Tuffy saying he’d kidnapped Frisbee.

His indignant daughter wrote the bad elf a letter.

After Frisbee was returned, the kids never knew what they might find when they got home:

The first event led to a back and forth "struggle" between the two elves, lasting from just after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day that year. One day, Tuffy would be strapped to their overhead ceiling fan, with Frisbee triumphantly on the mantle, while the next, the front yard would be littered in trash and a ransom note for Frisbee would be left waiting for the children. Finally, the kids and Frisbee were able to defeat Tuffy McNasty once and for all.

"We strapped Tuffy to a bottle rocket and sent him off to Nasty Elf Prison at the South Pole," said Perrigo, laughing.

When his kids got a bit older (and stopped believing it was real), Mr. Perrigo turned the pranks into a book, called "Tuffy McNasty: The Rogue Elf Who Terrorized Christmas".

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