The fake Chinese food delivery driver scam

The fake Chinese food delivery driver scam
"But judge, at least my client delivered 
food to those hungry customers…"

When Keith Hinds discovered a car was unlocked and running while the driver was delivering Chinese food to a middle school, he stole the car.

Then he realized that the driver had other deliveries to make, so he thought, hey, all those customers have to pay money, right?

Mr. Hinds began delivering the rest of the food and collecting the money for himself.

The real delivery driver quickly reported the car stolen and called his boss, who contacted customers saying their orders had been cancelled.

Police discovered that one of the customers had already paid for his food.

They arrested Mr. Hinds as he dropped off another order.

Conn. man steals food delivery car, drops off the meals to get the money and leaves a trail that leads police to him: cops. Daily News>>

(Also, the Chinese takeout box photo used above is actually a photo of a cake.)

Chinese Take Out Box Cake, By Kathleen Demanti, Flickr>>

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