The $1 million Australian gas delivery scam

The $1 million Australian gas delivery scam
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you get to the end of the story.

Some tanker truck drivers in Australia figured out a great way to scam service stations by shorting them on fuel deliveries.

The drivers disabled the GPS tracking devices in their trucks and made unscheduled stops to rival gas stations to unload a portion of their fuel, and then delivered the rest to their regular stops.

They faked their paperwork to look like they’d delivered all the fuel.

In a year, they stole $1 million worth of gas.

They were caught because, one, the service stations they were delivering to had their own tank monitoring system, although I don’t know why it took an entire year to uncover the fraud.

Two, one truck’s GPS system was not disabled, and it showed a driver, Mark Andrew Reynolds, making an extra 11-minute stop.

Mr. Reynolds, who was sentenced to three years in jail, was paid about $116,000 for his role in the theft.

He spent most of his money on a prostitute he’d fallen in love with.

Tanker drivers stole petrol and sold it for 50c a litre in $1 million scam. Herald Sun, Australia>>

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