Smokestack pranksters kept secret for 50 years

Smokestack pranksters kept secret for 50 years
They painted "The last laugh" on 
a smokestack above their high school
in Springfield, Illinois in 1962.

With the way we share information today, would anyone be able to keep this prank a secret for more than a few minutes?

In 1962, there was a tall smokestack atop Springfield High School. The top of the stack was about 100 feet from the ground. One morning at the beginning of June in 1962, Springfield awoke to find the words "The Last Laugh" painted on that smokestack…

Since it was close to graduation, suspicion naturally focused on the SHS senior class. Principal Evenson called the class together and warned the guilty party or parties to come forward, or else. But no one confessed.

It wasn’t until fifty years later, at a class reunion, that the pranksters finally revealed themselves.

It turns out that the hooligans, a boy and a girl, were two of the smartest kids in the school.

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