Sexy graphite girl is an optical illusion

Sexy graphite girl is an optical illusion
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Artist Diego Fazio (also known as DiegoKoi) labored 200 hours with a pencil to make his drawing Sensazioni look like a photograph.

Sexy graphite girl is an optical illusion
Proof that it’s all just an illusion

Diegokoi on DeviantArt>>

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7 thoughts on “Sexy graphite girl is an optical illusion

  1. I’m calling bs. he painted the white on an enlarged photo, with feathered edges

  2. I’m calling BS also. The canvas/paper he’s allegedly drawing on isn’t white enough to support the brightness of the teeth or the reflection on the eyelids.

  3. (Frustrated with stupidity…) excuse me…ahem… first off… try researching it. I have before I commented and I can say. the guy is an amazing artist. It just bugs me when two people try to say something this cool is fake. News flash just because you are untalented and would probably have faked it dosent mean we all would. And it was really funny how two people who obviously didn’t know anything about art started spouting off crap about why it’s "b.s." it’s called a white pencil Sherlock.

  4. I don’t think it’s real either. Simply because I’ve never seen somebody draw like that. Totally finish one side of it before even sketching out some lines, at least, of what the other half is.

  5. Everybody is going to have opinions, it’s kind of silly to get upset by others… When I went to school, I wrote poetry… People would tell me "YOU DIDN’T WRITE THAT, YOU STOLE THAT!" and I’d ask for the original writer’s work… I learned when you’re great at something, you’ll be accused of not being great… The best thing you can do, is smile to yourself, and take their disbelief as a HUGE compliment. 😀

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