Daddy, what’s wrong with this Halloween candy?

Daddy, what's wrong with this Halloween candy?
The trick was on the man with the candy.

Donald Junior Green from the UK probably wishes he hadn’t fooled himself on Halloween night. He was handing out candy when he reached into his pocket and grabbed a plastic bag full of Haribo sweets and dropped it into some kid’s goody bag.

Instead, as he realized later when he reached in his pocket, he gave the kid a plastic baggie containing something else – eight smaller bags of cocaine that he’d bought earlier that day for £200.

Once he realized his mistake, he immediately rushed to find out where the kids were trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

But he couldn’t find them. The kids were cold and wet, so that was the last house they visited. When they got home and dumped out the candy, their dad spotted the drugs and asked:

"What house did you get that candy at, dear?"

Officers quickly found and arrested Mr. Green.

The kid’s dad, Simon Fowell, knew exactly what to do once he spotted the non-candy treat.

The kid’s dad, Simon Fowell, is a police officer.

Man handed out cocaine by mistake to trick-or-treat children. Court told 23-year-old handed over Class A drug to police officer’s children believing it was a bag of sweets. The Guardian>>

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