An odd incident in the Walmart vs. workers fight

An odd incident in the Walmart vs. workers fight
The painting "The Island" by Walton Ford, which 
shows a violent struggle between carnivores and lambs, 
is in the art museum supported by Alice Walton. 
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In an ongoing dispute, workers at Walmart stores decided to hold a strike against the company to protest their low wages and the company’s anti-union activities.

To show her support for the strikers, Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton and the second richest woman in America, sent out a surprising press release via her art museum, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art:

"Since Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas season, and this is the season of giving, I and the staff of Crystal Bridges have decided to stand with the workers of Walmart, the source of my family’s fortune, in their Black Friday strikes, walkouts, and pickets. I recognize this may come as a surprise to both Walmart workers and the American public. I have always assumed these hard-working men and women were being treated well, paid well, and being compensated with proper health benefits and vacation time. On this holiday, I give thanks for the fortune I inherited and for all the workers who earned it for me. They deserve to share its benefits. I was shocked to the point of disbelief when I first learned of the working conditions these decent Americans endure at the company that bears our family’s name. As a Walton, I cannot stomach the thought of our employees working for poverty wages, without sufficient healthcare, on a permanent part-time basis, or under threat of harassment, retaliation, or termination for organizing in their workplace. The workers of Walmart deserve better."

However, the press release was soon followed by this:

The website is in no form or manner affiliated with or represents Alice Walton and/or the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Please visit the official website of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art site at

It was, of course, a prank that called attention to the Walmart worker’s demands.

Who Pranked Alice Walton? Hoax Sees Billionaire Heiress "Supporting" Walmart Strikers, Forbes>>

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