All it takes is changing one little digit…

All it takes is changing one little digit...
She liked to see larger numbers on her paychecks.

Cindy Ann Su’a worked as the officer manager for Anaheim’s police union, doing all the check writing, managing the company credit cards and handling all the bookkeeping. She was the only employee, and earned $65,000 a year.

That wasn’t enough, so she began stealing.

In a low-tech scheme, she would alter her paychecks using a typewriter correction feature (yes, there are still typewriters) to change her salary by altering one digit of her paycheck, increasing her $2,489 check so the number "2" became a "5" or a "6".

She also paid her bills directly from police union accounts.

She was arrested for earning, in her five years, an extra $360,000.

Anaheim police union office manager accused of embezzlement, Los Angeles Times>>

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