The revenge hoax that was a very bad idea

The revenge hoax that was a very bad idea
Kenneth Smith might be thinking: 
"I am such an idiot."

When I’m driving my car and another driver does something stupid, sometimes I think to myself that I should call the police and report that the driver has a gun so the police will respond quickly and pull ’em over.

"Ha! That’ll show that bad driver!"

I’ve never done this, but my evil side can imagine doing it. However, my rational brain steps in and says that doing that would be a very bad idea.

This guy’s rational brain did not step in.

Kenneth Smith Jr. was angry when his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend posted a "compromising picture" of her on Facebook.

He decided to teach the ex-boyfriend, Christopher Shell, a lesson he’d never forget.

He called police and said that Mr. Shell, who was currently flying on a US Airways flight, had carried liquid explosives onto the airplane.

The hoax call worked – the aircraft was called back mid-flight and heavily armed officers forced Mr. Shell off the plane.

Of course, no explosives were found.

Mr. Shell told the FBI about the hostility between he and his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

The flight was allowed to continue with Mr. Shell aboard, yet he still got zinged, because when authorities did a background check, they found outstanding warrants for marijuana offenses, and he was arrested when the plane landed.

Yet his troubles were mild compared to Mr. Smith, the hoaxer, who was found and arrested and faces 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

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