The fridge killer – an optical illusion

The fridge killer - an optical illusion
The photo of the fridge with a face

After Debby Evans posted a picture of her family’s refrigerator on Facebook, others commented that it looked like the notorious murderer Myra Hindley.

The fridge killer - an optical illusion
Myra Hindley

Unless you are well-versed in your UK serial killer history, you might not know that Myra Hindley was a woman who, along with her lover Ian Brady, tortured and murdered five children between 1963 and 1965.

Said Ms. Evans, who’s from the UK:

I looked through to the kitchen and had to look again. I didn’t really
believe what I saw. As you move your head you couldn’t see the picture,
but then as you moved it back it reappeared…

It wasn’t really until we took the photograph that everyone went "oh my God". As soon as we looked at the photograph we thought it looked like Myra. And then we got spooked massively all night…

I don’t know whether it appeared just because of the way the light was shining through door, or if it’s the light at a certain time. But I’m thinking about getting the fridge moved if she keeps appearing.

Since I didn’t know about the notorious Ms. Hindley, I didn’t see her face, but I like how this image could also be two faces, one looking out at us, and the other looking toward the left. If you cover the "noses" one at a time, you can make the image flip between one face and the other.

The fridge killer - an optical illusion
A slightly enhanced version 
of the notorious image.

Chilling image of Myra Hindley sent a shiver down the spine when it appeared on a family’s FRIDGE, Mail Online>

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  1. Damn! sometimes your illusion doesn`t seems to be the perfect picture of yours mind:/

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