Revenge of the tech paper nerds

Revenge of the tech paper nerds
Don’t mess with smart people.

Need to write a technical paper but want that paper to make no sense at all?

SCIgen is a program that creates random Computer Science research papers. The papers have the look and feel of a real paper but are full of nonsense.

Yet some have been accepted at conferences.

Mathgen is a program that does the same for mathematics papers. One of its randomly generated fake papers was accepted by a journal for publication.

Why do tricksters create and use these programs? If you have to ask, I’m sorry, but you obviously do not understand the nerdster (nerd trickster) mind.

Nerds laughing (from "Revenge of the Nerds")

Are you more of a liberal arts type of person? Go to this site and insert whatever topic you know nothing about – but would like to pretend to write about – at this essay generator>>

– Mathgen paper accepted!, Thats mathematics>>
– SCIgen – An Automatic CS Paper Generator, MIT>>
– Found via Marginal Revolution, Nonsense paper accepted by mathematics journal>>

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