Did she kill her father with a forgery?

Did she kill her father with a forgery?
Susan "Liz" Van Note

William Van Note, aged 67, was retired and happy. He had enough money to enjoy life, and he and his longtime girlfriend were soon going to be married.

That did not happen.

Instead, he and his girlfriend, Sharon Dickson, were attacked in their home. She was killed, and he was critically wounded but lived.

His daughter, Liz Van Note, produced a document called a "durable power of attorney", which gave her the right to make medical decisions for him, and she had him removed from life support.

Four days after he was shot, Mr. Van Note died.

And then his daughter was accused of their murders. When her dad didn’t die, said prosecutors, she forged the document which pulled the plug on his care.

Said prosecutor Brian Keedy:

"He died as a result of them removing life support, not as a result of the gunshot… If you commit a felony, and somebody dies as a result, there is a criminal responsibility for that death."

Ms. Van Note makes her living as an attorney who is experienced in end-of-life issues and estate planning.

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