Another tale of lies from Hollywood

Another tale of lies from Hollywood
He promoted his book as 
a true story of redemption.

Don Kirchner wrote an autobiographical book called "A Matter of Time" that tells the story of his drug smuggling and prison time. He eventually created a non-profit that helped convicted felons re-integrate into life outside of prison.

He was approached by Hollywood, who wanted to make the book into a movie.

Christina Thompson was a personal friend of Ron Howard and Kevin Costner. Her business partner Bryan Paxton was an assistant to producer James Brooks.

They were very interested in his book, but told Mr. Kirchner they needed $50,000 to cover production costs. He put them in touch with the owner of an Arizona film company, who invested $12,000.

The deal was moving along, and the Hollywood people gave Mr. Kirchner various deal-letter and movie production agreements.

He sent the documents to his lawyer to be reviewed.

That’s when the Hollywood tale took a dramatic turn.

The documents were fakes, and so were the movie people.

Christina Thompson was not from Hollywood. She was living in a halfway house for a fraud conviction when she started up her Hollywood scam.

Bryan Paxton was not involved in the movie industry, either. He has been, however, a construction worker, transient, laborer, car salesman, body piercer and prisoner.

Ms. Paxton and Mr. Thompson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Call 12: Movie-deal scam fails; 2 grifters plead guilty, AZ Central>>

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