“Your book is amazing! Five stars!”

"Your book is amazing! Five stars!"
"It changed my life!"

How do you choose among the oodles of books being published every year? Many of us rely on reviews, but reviews have become another form of marketing. Said one author:

"Reviews are the smallest piece of being successful… But it’s a lot easier to buy them than cultivating an audience."

The New York Times has an article examining book publishing in this new world:

Consumer reviews are powerful because, unlike old-style advertising and marketing, they offer the illusion of truth. They purport to be testimonials of real people, even though some are bought and sold just like everything else on the commercial Internet.

Mr. Liu estimates that about one-third of all consumer reviews on the Internet are fake. Yet it is all but impossible to tell when reviews were written by the marketers or retailers (or by the authors themselves under pseudonyms), by customers (who might get a deal from a merchant for giving a good score) or by a hired third-party service.

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